Planning a Wedding in Maine!

1. It can be chilly at night in summer, especially on the coast. Remind guests to pack a sweater.

2. Planning an island wedding? Remember these two words: ferry schedule. You don't want your guests to miss the boat!

3. Serve local favorites like Maine micro-brews, blueberries or lobster.

4. Given how short Maine summers are, be sure to book your vendors well in advance!

5. Lobster is a Maine tradition, but it's messy! If you are going to serve it, do so lazy lobster style.

6. Both the bride and the groom must visit the town office in person to apply for a marriage license. You do not need to apply in the town where the wedding will be held. Different rules apply depending on where you are from, so check out for information.

7. If you are getting married in the fall book hotel room early. Autumn is "leaf peeper" season in New England, and accommodations book up fast with out-of-state tourists.

8. Black fly season runs from mid-May to early July; mosquitoes can also be an issue. Try not to schedule your ceremony during the buggiest times of day, (dusk) if you are having an outdoor wedding.

9. Does your Maine wedding photographer have an assistant? A second shooter is a valuable asset on the wedding day.

10. Figure out what flowers are in season in Maine for your wedding. Using seasonal flowers in your bouquet and decor will save you money and will still look beautiful.

11. Maine is just as beautiful is the winter as it is in the summer. Consider a winter wedding on the ski slopes or a rustic but cozy barn.

12. Double-check rental delivery, especially if you are having a rural wedding.

13. Summer evenings can be cool in Maine. Plan on renting patio heaters if people are going to be outside in the dark, especially on the coast, where it can be windy.

14. One way to have an authentic and greener wedding is to purchase supplies locally. Incorporate Maine food, drink and favors.

15. Wear sunscreen and bring sunglasses. Many Maine weddings are held outside.

Welcome to Maine the Way Life Should Be.
— Mainers
Jessica Jaccarino is a Maine Wedding and Family Photographer.